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Industrial fires can be disastrous as much for the workers who are exposed to them as the businesses that endure them.  .  Our clothing helps minimize break-open and maintains a stable, inert barrier between the fire and skin, protecting the wearer from direct exposure. In the face of these hazards cloting forms a tough, protective char, staying supple until it cools. What’s more,  the garment won’t melt or drip, unlike other fabrics that degrade and add the risk of melted material to the burn trauma.

An excellent value, Safechem garments lasts three to five times longer than other protective fabrics, including 100% cotton and flame-retardant treated cotton. But comfort and fit are also an essential part of safety, which is why Safechem collaborates with manufacturers and mills to help them expand on and improve their offerings of FR clothing protection with softer, breathable, lightweight fabrics.