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This product line treats all natural fiber ie. cortton and synthetic fabrics, open cell foam, olefins and carpeting.

Safechem Safety Chemicals saturants and coatings have excellent flame resistance

The products are halogen-free, and contain 0% VOCs. All products are available with a broad-spectrum biocide. Flame retarding standard for several industrial and consumer products such as plastics, rubber and textiles becomes more stringent. In accordance to strengthening the standard, requirement for flame retardant and waterproofing such as extension of the coverage, corresponding to flame retarding for new materials is advancing and diversifying.

Advantages of our product as compared to others.

1.Lower inhalation and skin contact of antimony particle by the dispersion, hygienic and improve working environment.

2.Shorten cleaning time of production line and improve the output.

3.Exempt from toxic substance legally and ease the storage and transportation.

Our Range

  • Flame-Retardant Chemicals

  • Water-Retardant Chemicals

  • Anti-Static Chemicals

  • Spit-proof Chemicals

  • Anti-Bacterial Chemicals